Love these second grade writing prompts? Prompt 19: Cartoon Network has given you a chance to create your own cartoon show! W.2.3. Worksheets > Reading > Grade 2 > Children's stories. Mar 15, 2015 - Explore Christine D'Arcy's board "Second Grade Realistic Fiction Writing", followed by 167 people on Pinterest. Scary Story Starter: I believe in ghosts. Prompt 36: Is it easier to keep your eyes open during the day or at night? Write down some things you might say to someone who you want to become friends with. Home. The problem is your pet is not a typical pet, like a cat or dog. When they get on the first ride…. You see a box on your front porch. 42 Elementary Story Starters and Sentence Starters-- Writing Prompts I recently uploaded my new Elementary Story Starters printable to Teachers Pay Teachers for $1. One day, two ducks go to a carnival. Now, the goal is to get them to work on topic development and add details that enhance their writing. Writing. You can’t take it to bed with you anymore. Make a Christmas wish list. Other resources to use with this Silly Stories Story Starters. Could you do all of the fun things you want to do when it’s dark outside? Prompt 2: When you woke up this morning you found a monkey in your room. It’s all stinky, dirty and squashed. Scholastic's Story Starters kids' writing activity generates creative writing prompts, from general fiction to adventure, fantasy, and science fiction. Most passages are 100-200 words long. Prompt 1: Your Uncle Jimmy is famous for the silly gifts he gives on birthdays. To help your young writer practice their skills, here’s a printable list of 30 Fall Writing Prompts for 1st Graders. //