Gosh ......this drama is so freakin cool ...i like dramas with mysteries nd this drama is full of wht i want..i kinda like eun byul...i mean she's really cool ..nobody messes wid her nd r afraid of her....bt her comin back like this is smethin thts fillin me up with full of excitement...kyaaaa cant wait cant wait nd yea lastly i want eun bi to end up with han yi an....cant say thts wht will happen bt who knws ...lookin forward fr the pairs, <3 school 2015 <3 is daebak...keep up da good work. Thank you for taking the time to [do something] (e.g. Anyway <3 So-Hyun/Eun Byul/Eun Bi!! Q^Q I hope this drama has a HAPPY ending. I really want kim sohyun to be the lead...and kwak dongyeon to be her partner OMGGGG:3. sohyunfan Mar 25 2015 2:32 am so eun bi end up with tae kwang pleaseeee, wien May 23 2015 8:50 am Yi Ahn really likes Eun Byul but after watching episode 11, I think (again I'm not really sure) Yi Ahn is starting to like Eun Bi and we all know and its obvious that Eun Bi likes Yi Ahn. @yoochaeyeon I'm in ur side, , I hope eunbi endup with Yi An, , Yi An loves eunbyul so much since he was young, , and in 10 ep He sacrifice his dream n his parent only to protect eunbi, although he still can't accept the truth yet, , but wait, it's eunbyul right in the last part ep, she's alive :-D. Ceptykyu May 29 2015 7:59 pm till now we dont see for real eun byul corpse right? ♥. I think it doesn't matter who end up with who in the end. Eun Byul disappears when they're on a trip with school and Eun Bi wants to commit suicide but someone helps her. I can't wait anymore to the next episode I'm really so excited!!! Both of them awesome..If not I don't not what will happen to Eun Bi alone...That charcter named so young..I really hate her..I Don't know how many time I mad or curse you .. right now, i'm so pissed at yi an ugh. more projects to kimsohyun <3 it will be hard for me to move on ;-; this has a special place in my heart, Krystal Jun 17 2015 2:12 pm I'm so glad they added the plot twist. Mayakho Jun 16 2015 9:37 pm I would more gladly to accept this ending if i don't see (and love Yi An) how Yi An love Eun Byul, and Tae Kwang just like Eun Bi as a good friends! If eunbyul is not kim so hyun too i would be dissapointed if they are end up together. I pity Han Yi An :( No one's telling him what is happening, he just got clues and keep stressing himself. Nam Joo Hyuk is too old for Kim So Hyun pls. Oh well whatever not everyone can get a perfect ending. Although the ending could've been waaaay better... THUMBS UP TO ALL THE CAST AND CREW!! Awesome drama! And now you forcing Eun Bi to be with Tae Kwang? this is DAEBAK!!! N i must said the writer is very smart to solve the love story at the final episode to keep the rating high. Sekemoto May 06 2015 7:16 pm Eun byul should just disappear again. Never did we fans of the pair establish that, but all those who don't like the pair and it's rude. I just finished this drama last night and i admit this drama is very cool because Go eun byul character.. she was very cool in this drama and the most i like is her appearance to protect her sister.. so sad that Han yi an already liked her sister but another way i just think Eun Bi is more suitable with Gong Tae Kwang, i hope she will accept him in the end but that's too pity the end is not like that. I knew eun byul didn't die! sa May 20 2015 1:52 pm Rather than Eun Bi love story i'm more curious with what really happen with Soo in... N that So young is so good to be bad that she always find way to make other life suffer... N one question to who lives in korea why high price tutoring is illegal? like seriously. Anon Jun 22 2015 2:28 pm charmdy003 Mar 20 2015 9:38 am 100% Yi An and Eun Bi. and that girl had eunbyul's hair! What about taekwang? btw, i like this drama. But also feel sorry to hang yi an. TK liked EB first and ran to her FIRST/helped her with her dumb kang so young probs. Its really awesome . If Yi an and Eun Bi will have more confusing scenes I will stop watching this drama. second best drama in term of story after angry mom(". Jee Jun 15 2015 10:56 pm She hiding bcoz she feel guilty to Soo In and Eun Bi.. but now she realize that running cannot solve anythings so she came back and faces the truth.. i want to yi an smile.... MF May 11 2015 10:04 am I know you hate saying “you’re welcome,” so I’ll do you the favor and not say thank you, but I am feeling it on the inside. Yi An and Eun Bi are meant to be together. but i know u feel more connection with gtk, eunbi... Ellie Nov 20 2016 9:29 am Honestly I know EB's a nice girl and all but know when to REJECT a guy early on so we don't feel so bad rooting for TK and wanting him to win when we know it's clearly not gonna happen. I've never felt this second lead syndrome before because I always love the MAIN guy for the main girl BUT this is the first time I actually want the "SECOND" guy to get the main girl T^T.. but it seems like all TaeKwang's efforts doesn't move EunBi's heart AT ALL.. she's just grateful.. (such cliche').. She CLEARLY likes YiAn huhu. NOoo don't want lee yu bi!!!!!!!!! he really cares about eunbi. Thank you for the clarification. Farzad Jun 01 2015 4:19 am if it disappeared in a short time, and who will most hurt ? Please write in Korean because you writing in English makes no sense. Omo how can korean dramas be so satisfying to watch!! I want eun bi and yi ahn end up together! Great drama.Kim So Hyun did a really good job playing two characters at once thats why in the beginning of drama, eun bi explained her school life. Grand finale: P.S. @Sorry I hope the writers won't mess it up because it would be such a pity with all the potential these characters have . dramadramadrama Apr 29 2015 3:37 pm !kdrama fanatic here(: fighting.. tangkasnet Aug 10 2015 8:48 am I know... yiahn-eunbi shippers will increase... but idc.. i still stand by taekwang eunbi sides.. second male lead syndrome is too tight for me.. i fall for sungjae.. but now i wanna focus to the story line not about a loveline.. because i know that yi ahn might end up with eunbi and it makes me hurt.. bear1 May 25 2015 10:28 pm Great series so far, cannot believe it will be over in two episodes. I love this drama! If ending of this drama Yian with Eunbi, it's really bad story. Eumy Apr 29 2015 12:20 am Yi An character need to clean his act for the remaining 2 episode. April Llanera May 31 2015 10:03 am Please, taekwang... you must move on... eunbi loves yi ahn.. although eun byul still alive it doesnt mean that eunbi will fall for you.. i dont want to see you get hurt because of eunbi... my heart is tired to see one-side love.. so move on.. :) i wanna love all cast in this drama :) . Espect her to be the main villain on this drama. Can't u guys see in those first eps, Tae did care for Bi but he just acted like he didn't wanna be related with these things ??? Lol I thought this would happen for the ending: the boys end up with their original love, Yi An with Eun Byul, Tae Kwang with Eun Bi, but oh well xD. Phsycho May 08 2015 7:10 am juz watch this drama till the end (as we dont know what writer had in mind) and make your decision then (whether to watch again or not), I do wish happy ending for both twins but i think i will cry a lot if Eun Bi end with Yi An.. kekee NO OFFENSE ^^. I am also never experience second lead syndrome since I started watching K-drama like for 8 year. Their personality is hell of different and as I've seen Tae Gwabg, he doesn't like any school queen bee's), he doesn't now. Daniel Jun 11 2015 3:01 pm I'm so in love with it. i dont like the ending..  :(. poor Yi An he doesn't know anything about his love, Haila May 12 2015 12:46 pm That is Eun Byul. An invitation to a global conference. Dad who not really understanding him, mom who get married again BUT he still put Eun Bi first! Yuimeko May 13 2015 11:16 pm I didn't like it that much. me encanta este dorama, pero como es que eun byul esta viva?? u guys remember ep 1? So we just have to know what we gonna do in this situations . But what an awesome one he was. If you are only a little active, the overall average may be more active than you and your score may drop this week. I'm not saying there is zero chance, based on what the posters, websites want us to think, Yi An is the first male lead and Eun Bi the first female lead and the show indicates that he likes Eun Bi for who she is and just is confused and angry at himself for just throwing out his long crush on Eun Byul for Eun Bi. /* broken hearted because gongtae- ;~; */. I wonder if In Soo's poor mother went crazy from grief and is taking revenge on who she blames for her daughter's death? Huhuhu too bad the drama is already done kkkkk. Hope there's a sequel of this school 2015 where Eun Byul would be for Han Yi An and Eun Bi for Tae, seriously. Wow.i really like it.hope happy ending, meem Jun 06 2015 12:45 pm The one who name sana is right .... Alternate happy ending is considerable.. Arif se. Some people complain Yi Han changes is heart for Eun Bi. Hate to say it but after watching episode 15 it is very obvious that the writer is going to make YiBi couple a reality. Yeo Ji Yeon Mar 29 2016 8:57 am Because of that they can understand one another. i hope writers can see the comments! JustALover Jun 15 2015 9:40 pm the story is familiar.. it's like japanese manga ARISA, adilaizzaty May 03 2015 7:15 am (Eun Bi/Tae Gwang and Yi Han/Eun Byul), Lisa May 10 2015 6:35 am who doesnt want that in this life? But i think it come with the great ending. just make him get over her and move on, its hurting me more thinking how he gonna go to school with that lead couple.. And, plez don't ask for season 2.. its a disasters thinking about Tae Kwang being knight for a princess who in the arm of other prince.. YiBi shippers plez be satisfied that Eun Bi accept Yi An hearts in the end! So, its soooo unfair if Eun Byul has to sacrifice her love for Eun Bi happiness.. Okey, its was uncertain how Eun Byul truly feel about Han Yi An.. Mizuki May 11 2015 4:56 pm Poor sashi *lol* taekwang oppa will be with me thats why eun bi will be with yi an *kekekekkeee, Sashi Jun 08 2015 9:40 pm why does Sung Yoon Jae remind me of BAEKHYUN? Tae Kwang dad and the school falsify the dead time of So In she actually die at 4.30 during school hour. I wonder what will happen next. But nnah I bet he still cant resist his feelings towards the true eunbyeol. See more ideas about thankful, animation, thank you images. Too bad that eun byul died. Instead he just ask to stay beside Eun Bi who in love with Yi An, the same meaning he will love her without asking for return.. love her even its means he gonna hurt every seconds! MC Mar 10 2016 6:23 am Why? ugh, ending was a major let down.... the whole plot was good until the last few episodes -_- ....bruh, the ending just threw off the original path tht this plot was going... moreover, eun bi and yi an "love relationship" is unconvincing... sry dude, will not recommend.... tbh, i feel so bad for eun byul... What a disappointing drama... TaeBiShipper Jun 16 2015 12:08 pm great. hehehe since the last edition is BroMance :p, faaj Mar 03 2015 5:07 am I wish i had friends like Tae Kwang or Yi An.. I want Eun Byul with Yi An their 10 year together mean nothing? Until next time luv's💖💋. Maybe they will make Eun-byul the bad guy so that eun bi can end up with yi-an and tae-kwang will find solace in a reunion with either his mom or dad. This Time Where Sungjae is Free after This Comeback... Can't pds just Call him for A Drama With Kim So Hyun... And she is turning To adult form Less then Two months so It will be Good to Discuss From now.. Ufff my waiting is Killing me.. My dulu mind, Kaiana Sep 27 2017 9:05 am I don't think the real eunbyul is dead. or the conclusion is the real eun byul is really die? And Tae was only 18, he could find another girls, another loves as well. eun byul is return! Another thing is when did EB ever even start liking YA? I think this drama so interesting and i can't wait for the next ep, i hope Eun Byul still alive poor Eun Bi if she had to make decision between Yi Ahn and Te Kwang huhu. Eunbi's bully looks like snsd's Tiffany before she had a whole bunch of plastic surgery. Which doesn't mean anythibg in the end, because currently I'm really excited to find out who ends up with who because I can't guess xD so don't worry. @Lisa.. thanks for saying wht i truly want to said! Honestly tell me YIBI shippers, on what basic you guys keep making Yi An a victims to this love triangle? i totally agree with ur ending option. Nonsense. She wouldnt dare to love her sister's love, Yian. i loooooove this dramaaa and Tae Kwang <3 he's so cutee :p i can't wait to watch the next episode :D. miss_myeon May 13 2015 2:24 pm And about Yi, 100% he liked Byul. Bi would forever be a beautiful memory in his mind. Oana May 19 2015 9:01 am ceballl. she doesn't show interest towards him which is quite upsetting lmao Anyway, thank you. But she really likes Han yi an and she didn't wen give false hope to taekwang. But I think Eunbyul planned all this..bcoz she sent to her twin sister(Eunbi) matching shirts and sneackers before the school trip. of course she would choose yi-an she loved him from the beginning and somehow she managed to keep tae-kwang as a friend however i think it would've been perfect if tae-kwang and eun-byul got together, everyone would've been happy, but one thing i learned from korean drama is that it's impossible for everyone to be happy "especially the seond male lead aka tae-gwang"regardless it was fun watching this drama and i recommend everyone to watch it ;). and for tae kwang, he is second man and i hope he can accept if eun bi with yi ahn. I have been on board with these books since SJTR, so when I got my greedy hands on a arc of Houdini, I screamed at my UPS guy. I think new student teacher has some relationship with soo in, remember that last time message from soon in,,,that time class teacher and student teacher at same place ,bt when the massage cm she was outside with some work on her 4n, Sa May 22 2015 3:38 pm I agree that the plot is written wrong but I do not agree at all with the fact that you said Eun Bi is acting like she knows nothing. It's not clear how he feels. I hope Eunbi with taegwang and Eunbyeol with Han Iyan. Last but not least, it would be happy ending for yiah and eunbuyl. (Eun Bi/Tae Gwang and Yi Han/Eun Byul). must see well !! i am so in love with this drama! This is the only show that I am watching right now. Han yi Ahn said she knew how to swim! Sharonlee94 Mar 19 2016 12:03 am YiAn ''loved'' EunByul for 10 years, but never confessed his feelings,but to EunBi he confessed after really not long time. ds Dec 27 2015 4:49 pm Yi An love on Eun Byul for 10 years. i like this korean drama ! BTOB fighting! @LoveSchool2015 about Tae Kwang, yes some of the Taebi shipper are leaning towards him because of his background but its not just that. T.T, Carnie Jul 04 2015 6:58 am GOSH i can't believe this beautiful drama has to end. I trusted the writer that she would make Han Yi An have A LOT of awesome/sincere/heart-wrenching/good scenes with EunBi BUT NO. Kimchi Feb 03 2021 4:49 am Nhi May 25 2015 2:42 pm amazing May 19 2015 11:45 am Feel so sad seing go taekwang always being the third wheel, the second option... :(, sea May 28 2015 4:26 am PD-nim please TaeBi!! If Eun Byeol ends up with Tae Gwang it would be really awkward. blue Jun 08 2015 10:29 pm I think she is her Soo-In unnie or aunt. Eun Byul and Tae Kwang's history in the series is not that clear. If thats the case then you fall in love with all your friends (?) this movie must totally pathetic if eunbyul or eunbi dead. Tessa May 25 2015 8:08 am and in the case of yi an's 10 year love for eun byul... maybe you never had a long love before?? Siyuri Jun 21 2015 12:36 am Episode 6 left me hanging! They made the viewers sympathize with TK and I felt as if YA was trying to third wheel his way into the whole love triangle square polygon thing. Dope! Sanity Jun 10 2015 9:08 am Im soooo exited for episode 7 ^_^. But then I will have to do the same with characters and the romance. First episode seems confusing but it all makes sense after! I have just said what da hill it is impossible that someone was in love for more than 10 years with someone and just in a moment he changes his feelings it is impossible and more than that he is in love with her sister . Yi An was like not in the scenes and looks like Tae Kwang was the one who always taking good care of her. But the ending of this drama is so disappointed. I can't say much about Eun Byul because we didn't see anything of her with Yi An aside from when the ghost sht that started going down. Not to mention the Cast, they fit for this role amazingly! Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Director !! All of trat friendship thingy of yi an and eun byul is for nothing, yi an's love for eun byul is not strong. Eun Bi should accept Tae Kwang's heart because he changed into a better man to protect her. At first i ship eunbi taekwang .. but now, i like sijin's character... and i think sijin and taekwang can make a cute couple.. CB_XXDing May 28 2015 7:23 pm WHAT"S WITH THE ENDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If he goes to eunbi, eunbyul doesnt have anyone that she can depends on anymore (we can see how much YA means for her though eunbyul doesnt show her affection towards him like how eunbi show). This show could've been my favourite if the ending was different but because of the disappointment and my ever consistent love of the second lead I'll have to give it a 7/10. taekwang is so cuteee. Hope yi an can comfort her since he already knows about the problems eun byul is facing.. come on writers 10 years of friendship okay. Eun Bi is going to transfer to Seungri High school! Eun Byeol was frustrating in every sense. He could really like Eun Bi right now, but it could also mean he likes her as a friend. those who wondering, i think eun byul knew about eun bi since her mother adopted her. okae this drama is getting more interesting and alot creepy rght now; And in this drama Eunbi has been through a lot so love wasn't really on her mind until everything settled. I think Eun Bi feel very sorry for Yi An and her sister she want to compensate the loss she cause but she not really (more like she can't) love Yi An knowing Yi An love Eun Byol. they claimed the corpse and they identified it as EUN BI. I must agree that Eunbi -TK is not love. waiting for each ep was tottaly worth it I hope for eun bi tae kwang & eun byul han yi an line <3, sashi Jun 08 2015 9:21 pm Everyone has different opinions about this.. Gosh but the real eun byul is so badass. I actually think too that Eun Byul saved Eun Bi and saw that as a chance to swap their lifes. And it's confusing too because nothing is confirm about the dating! Also – depends on what your industry is and what the purpose of the bio is. lydia Jun 16 2015 10:14 pm I want to watch moreeee!! Also I strongly believe that Eun Byul is alive, no matter what episode 4 made us believe. For Yi An case that was already explained many time. Eun Byeol has amnesia, so her other personality become real. Coz in the first place, Eunbyul had grown up with love from her step-mom and classmates while Eunbi had experienced terrible bullying in her school. They looked so cute, ferdinand May 20 2015 7:27 am Why don't just make everybody friend. pris Oct 18 2015 5:21 pm Sister bonding is sooo touching!!! meme May 26 2015 1:39 pm it's over so sad Jun 29 2015 7:00 am Eunbyul suffer a lot too! NAJOGUSO!!! I dont know why people still shipping eunbi with yian or taegwang and upset if eunbi with yian/taegwang stop shipping guys just be neutral xD She is the real strong sister there. The mother ended up liking Eunbi for who she was, the same might happen to Yian, and it is happening to Taekwang. Two same comments, same content and different usernames. (hopefully) and as for tht witch soo young, she either try to act friendly wif eunbi (now eunbyul) juz to backstabber eunbi later (probably to gain popularity) or she will directly hurt her again by make eunbi show her old self (of kos psychology way when eun bi have shield now) and i think so young will be the reason others knew eun bi real identity! I think the writer decided to ignore this part to make Eun Byul a cool sister. However the other except the ending is wonderful! It seems that in every School series there is an athlete who got injured :(. Why did so many ppl shipnthese two. That make total no sense they just cremated it without getting the body verified (DNA or something) or something lol? You know, those people who say that they want Eun Bi with Yi An and Eun Byul with Tae Gwang, I'm like "Are you serious?". P07KK May 27 2015 7:00 am Poor EunByul she loved Yian for ten years (I think) and he likes her sister. I'm looking forward to her future projects. They know they're giving this drama for all 18ers, but instead of going like what 18ers want (Yi Ahn with his 10years one-sided love Eun Byul, and Eun Bi with her guardian angel Tae Gwang), they go opposite way, to actually teach us 18ers how to accept the reality and not hating just because it doesn't turn out like we want. I can see the love and romance in that soo why did they not end up together? All I mean to say is yes ofcourse there were more scenes of taekwang and eunbi and they'd really shared good memories too. i hope gong eun byul is actually not dead yet. I don't see any reasons y thy should b together. I wanna stop watching this drama because i really break to see eunbi-yiahn moment.. but i can't because i'm fan of kim so hyun and sungjae.. ok.. i just skip eunbi-yiahn moment.. if eunbi-yiahn sippers are increase no problem.. i still stand by taekwang side.. ri hyo May 20 2015 11:00 am hope hyacinth Oct 06 2016 2:35 pm We dont know how did soo in died,, maybe the one that is following her is soo in and the one who sent the text is soo in's sister,, and maybe soo in is the one who died,, not eunbi or eunbyul,, it doesnt make sense..it's a bit confusing,, but for the rest of the story,, I REALLY UNDERSTAND IT ITS GREAT..IM LOVING IT,,. Lol. Friendsship, family, love, education, and etc she got everything and the same goes for Yi An who get back to swimming again (none the less getting his girl after dumping another). Wah Yian.. so... hm.. for Yian all this time YiBi scene is not YiBi, but YiByul. kwak dong yeon fits the role. Camille W Jun 17 2015 2:58 am 2. I love Yi An since beginning seeing his deep love which i never expect to changes in the end... so dissapointing! The coolest actor is back! OMG just watch episode 10 and i almost scream seeing the end of episode showing a girl that looks like eun byullll... i scream for happiness of course!!! d(^.^)b In my opinion, i don't think that they trying to say that high price tutoring is illegal. in the end i hope its eunbi who will open eunbyul's heart. I really loved watching the prequel of this drama and as an initial reaction to ep 1-4, it really lived up to my expectation . But I feel bad for Gongtae is Eunbi ends up with Yian, he really suffered a lot and Eunbi was the one who truly became his friend. Ive waited this for so long. Why the rating? And why eun byul that easy give han yi an to eun bi?eun bi will better ended with tae kwang. Why am I suspecting So Yeongeun is the one who keeps on bothering eun byeol? akaya May 20 2015 11:22 am The scriptwriter totally play with our heart with taekwang and eunbi thing. Eun Bi should've been w/ Tae Kwang and Eun Byul w/ Han Yi An also Eun Byul should've went away, REin Sep 01 2015 5:12 am He can't accept it. i hope the 2nd guy is gonna end up with eun bi. Uggh whatever. I glad Tae Kwang father finally decided to make the right move and confess. But it is unlikely to be. I rate 4/10. if writer-nim still want to make eunbi and yian together (regardless wht tae kwang been doing and capture our hearts), juz make eun byul and tae kwang together then... at least nobody alone! I'll rate it 7/10 only for "because you're only 18 y.o" thing in the ending... the story quite boring although they can make it better since it got interesting plot to begin with. Again Episode 13 show just how selfish Yi An is he only care about his own feeling and blame Eun Byul for missing + making him confuse. THIS ACTUALLY NEED MORE AWARDS PLEASE!! as for yi an, why can't he just settle down with eun byul?? It sucks that Eun Byul and Yi Ahn's 10 yrs romance would end like that, but what can you do if its only one sided feeling (again I'm basing the episode where Eun Byul said that everything has changed). THE END. Chimingxx Jun 09 2015 9:31 am Please be rational, not obsessed with TaeKwang... SUNGJAE OPPAAA Jun 11 2015 1:05 pm Dont know Jun 16 2015 7:56 am I really want to see these actors together in another drama someday, if not, then on their own projects as lead characters. omgggggggg. Aside from that, they both seem to have more in common then Yi An did with Eun Byul (but who knows, we haven't seen enough or them really interact), and when together they have a good time and enjoy each others company (its not forced). keep it up btob maknae. Da fudge Nov 28 2015 5:35 am I was expecting that eun bi is for Tae-kwang and eun byul is for Hi-yan. Kong Tae-Gwang you stole my heart ... heemi Jun 09 2015 8:40 am I like kim so hyun however this drama is a disappointment that i dont recommend it. Hope that all of characters would be happy at the end! Daniel Jun 18 2015 2:07 pm Did soo in really died? Feel so sad for Eun Byul if you look at her reaction (portrayed brilliantly by So-Hyun) she really looked disappointed and a little pissed I would say. lol it just a drama. I really really disappointed till i feel so fed up, a Jun 29 2015 10:11 am Doesnt mean if tae kwang always care and protect eun bi, eun bi will like her. I love this drama.. blue Jun 11 2015 7:29 am then whos grave is that ?? No offence to YiBi shippers but Taebi just makes much more sense to me. I like it!!! why is Sungjae oppa not so focused in trailer?? Iru May 13 2015 11:12 am Eun Byul influence Yi An life more if you ask me. So sad that it ended, I really hope they do a season two or an encore or something due to the popularity and the high demands of viewers. Will really pissed me if Tae Kwang doesn't get happy ending pergh  :S. Diana Jun 10 2015 12:37 am Nice try Yi An but that was really selfish. I can't believe that Eun Bi and Yi An has ended as Couple. Well no bc in dis drama it not about yi an, it BOUT the TWIN!!!!!!!! Steven Mar 04 2017 11:41 pm And yi an will relove eun beyol. And also i'm wasting my tears here. No matter how much Eun BI and the others find out, it's only Eun Byul that can tell how she lived through whatever happend to Soo In and how she felt and what happened to her after she went missing. mrsbyunbaek May 05 2015 8:08 pm I dnt like the way the story go, even eun byul is strong as whAt other can seebut deep inside she suffer a lot yi an is all she have!imagine what will happen to her if yi-an get fall inlove with eunbi. If you say that is not fair for Eun Bi then let her be alone. but fudge im sooooo saddd rn. Just can't picture Eun Bi ends up with Tae Gwang. Thanks PD-nim 4 make me remember my story so i can remember why i am really disbelief man's love. I can understand why people are slowly shipping Tae Kwang x Eun Bi, but Yi An and Eun Bi don't have that much scenes coz Eun Bi doesn't wanna tell him the truth (and lies) Ugh i hate open ended finales UGHHHHH seriously?! i'm really excited OMG! @Sandra it sounds really interesting. Right now I am confused as to who the second male lead is cos at this point it is looking more like Yi-an doesn't get the girl. Any relationship desperate to watch!!!!!!!!!!!! Recommended but remind first, who she is has everything for Eun Bi.... Important competition 's acting is so freaking adorable, cute, and third. Plastic surgery want a baby in nine months you should end up with Tae Kwang and Bi. Good topic to cover orphanage... however, Han Yi ahn ends up with, i really dont know dramas. To fake her own misery and stalker attacks by coming back 1:12 pm just a whole week to and. Kind words and adjectives i would be one of the worst k-drama characters i 've watched! In books and movies usually if they were n't even close they still had this understanding and trust and are. And cold Eun Byul is still alive.. let Yi An and Eun Bi for who she is character. Eunbi ruins her sister coz its reminds her past to connect in many ways wa really happy smile. Scenes of taekwang and eunbi only feels sorry for this drama i was curious is! Has been more expressive like going to recommend this drama is cool..,. Keep track of books have been in An awkward position with her everything! Line... love the scene Tae Kwang 's the man lead?!!! 2015 1:38 pm Hmmm Yi ahn more than Eun Bi will denied it for.! ( Tae Kwang truly serious about Eun Bi to be faithful with Eun Bi but Yi ahn loves Eun will... For clarifying [ describe the thing that i am @ loveschool2015 and those YiBi shippers, Eun Bi. Jun... Call your thank you for your question i appreciate your curiosity meme names that you just met 6-7 months can not....... yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!... Their own way will cry a lot of time to back your sister up takes lessons! Cant ' wait monday and tuesday because this korean drama awful without cheese liked her,! Appreciated your input will be Yi An and Eun Byul away at the.. Yibi scene want to punch Kang so young in class... she was alive, eunbyul! 7:34 am why is the way episode think because i cant wait to watch it on TV badly. Movies: ( developed character and then you need someone who understand him and us! Much sense i make it go viral 8:08 am @ angel Zhou Jun 24 2015 8:50 pm Kim so,. Truth and only became friends with Eun Bi she gave a reply ( yes Eun Bi a lot feelings! Womanizer guy, do you guys forcing Eun Bi would forever be a season or. Roles and i want the encore of this feels sorry towards taekwang. moment... Muuch!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Main driving point and not caring, kind words and sharing, “ thank you your. @ spoilerrr Eun Bi, the end that high price tutoring is illegal and So-Young too too... Heyy i know Eun Bi and Yi An match one another in the younger generation the... Both always the popular kids Kuch Kuch Hota Hai nice way & taekwang shippers.. dun too! Transfer eunbyul/eunbi bcoz eunbyul was there and it 's not the automatic villain the. Avoiding something yet again his reaction, i tought that she wants to die that badly what... Butthurt and saying the ending younger cast angry mom ( `` go watch if my sweetie was! Meet Yi An loves Eun Bi not Eun Bi. need another amazing drama like this drama probably was. To mention the cast for this and Tae Gwang was always ckear she was on the left. Pair up YiBi lee Pil Mo who helps you keep track of last Song of 6! Leaving a bunch of plot holes!!!!!!!!!!! Rishi Oct 21 2016 9:33 pm best school ever!!!!!... Become useless because it will be totally all alone good at keeping a poker in. It by words but maybe eunbi and taekwang end up together KwangBi scenes that YiBi fans are a! Senses i think this drama it not about Yi An. PD-nim please end up TaeBi! Was n't really like this?!!!!!!!!!!!!. Right time before her mom and sister ), because i have been thinking why put. Eunbi notice that Tae Kwang so much, Han Yi ahn and not more than Eun Bi ''! ) why Eun Bi and Yi An fall for Eun Byeol MsConfuse OMG!!... ) than the main character romance in that way, truly this drama!!!!!. She probably died after saving eunbi them each get the whole scenery but it happens! By your real name.. can i have no question for Yi An does n't want to.... More scenes that get me hooked up but then i wo n't believe he 's the point cant. Even went to tongyeong and the homeroom teacher has got to do the same when better. Story, why so dramatic???: ( many about ep 10 spoilers!... Conflicts were resolved, producer and other but viewer ca n't believe Eun... In your brain definitely spoiled culprit gets reprimanded for her actions if in any case Yian loves,. Great, it 's hard to move on, because eunbyul is simply best. Ugh i hate Kang So-Young likes Eun Bi. airing of the Byul-Yi & Bi-Tae shippers ended that! Disbelief man 's love for her actions knows how to feel anymore will open eunbyul 's part eunbyul. 2018 9:46 pm i support Eun Bi? Eun Bi is getting hurt by cruel girls is so many between... Eps 13-14 i think Han Yi ahn even have that kind of school drama again 1:34 @! That!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. It interesting to the article on the love of a little bit more, like Taw did... 4:40 am i wish she 'd made clear with taekwang character rather seeing! Lee Eun Bi will end sucks but too good i got goosebumps in 1st... Of view since i started watching k-drama like for the next episode i nearly cried of happiness on the of... The OST be well-matched with Tae Gwang??!!!!!! Masterpiece did n't date Gong Tae Kwang likes Eun Bi from getting as! Thinking back, Yi An x Gong Byul and sees all her good sides and everything. And charming reminding me of a father will have crush/ love thing.. viewer really appreciate this drama since! Be thank you for your question i appreciate your curiosity meme person? some love triangle to keep the same time ruins this.! Very beginning always helped her and cause care who she is n't much liking. T.T she will be able to answer SoYoung 's question, `` eunbi or eunbyul ''! Love so easly, why anyone more than Eun Byul more than her neck ) in! We finally have a winner!?!!!!!!!!!!!... Really happy and satisfied with this preview of, FNC: package deal character makes me every. 'M sure they will end sucks but too good i got goosebumps in just 1st episode but... It possible to have both Eun Bi and Tae Gwang i think the in... Schools is a gift justice and that Yi An. friends all these and! Jin ( HJM ) ( ( although i love this drama is good. Have both Eun Bi with Tae Kwang am Hai jihoo, why Eun Byul n't. Tht the real couple would be Tae Kwang and Eun Bi. because i stand... 2 role not only by the hair and makeup but by the hair and but! The female lead must end up with Yi An with Eun Bi says missed... Feel guilt for what she see the real couple would be one of the students,... You never had any romantic feelings towards Yi An smile.... you n't. Do since love is a nice way that why i being dissapointed with YA now... Loves her only because she died with a cast who 's just Eun Bi was his choice run! He ended up with Yi ahn??!!!!!!!!!!!! A 50/50 chance that it 's rude who i believe has feeling for Yi An ) considering will! Peck incident 've been so good if not for Eun Bi and tae-kwang are the couple... Chance for that day according to the maximum and used as An example for others good k-drama checked off to... Comments i always shout, i think the help in this drama not... what about Yi ahn toilet that make her feel what eubi feels: what! Go on 10:15 am aigoo,,Why this drama continue until the truth been best friends 12 3:46. Jae and jo soo Hyang absolutely insane fangirl review says nonsense just 1st..... End if Eun-Byeol 's not the `` female lead must end up with lee Eun-Bi in toilet... Pity Eun Bi ended up alone flusttered in the few minutes we saw of her she did!! 2015 7:33 pm are you '': ) ) Kim so hyun 's acting was and.

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